1. This is the first project of its kind in India and probably all over the world.
  2. This is probably, the largest single project of its kind being set up anywhere in the world, with provisions to economically rehabilitate and settle thousands of unemployed disabled persons along with Women in distress and needy Aged persons & Slow Learners all over Maharashtra State within the next 7 years’ period as well as to spread to other States through networking with local NGOs/ Agencies, etc.
  3. This project provides a “total rehabilitation programme” for the disabled
  4. It is a unique 3 tier “Co-operative Rehabilitation Programme” for the disabled wherein a “Charitable Association” a “Charitable Company” and a group of “Disabled’s Co-operatives” would be working together and supporting each other to create large scale “Cooperative employment/ rehabilitational opportunities” for the disabled.
  5. In this project, workers are basically shareholders of various Co-operatives where they are required to act in a responsible manner as joint owners of their Co-operative Workshops. In such a scenario, the probability of strikes by the workers is almost nil.
  6. Another uniqueness of this project would be that Industrialists, Professionals, Social Workers as well as Disabled Workers would all be working together, where they would be interacting and communicating with each other on a regular basis. In such a system there would be more transparency and consequently mutual faith and respect for each other, leading to greater success of the project.
  7. Through this project, maximum profits/benefits would be passed on to the disabled workers in various ways. In other words, success of the project would mean more benefits to the workers, who are also “owners” in the venture. Hence, this system would encourage the disabled workers to work better and be more competitive so as to derive more profits/benefits.