A major portion of the able-bodied section of society still continues to look upon “Disabled persons” as a “useless”, “unproductive" and “cursed” part of society who are suffering for their wrong deeds in their previous lives.

We, at NADE, would do everything possible to change the above wrong notion of the people and convert today’s Disabled ‘Consumers’ into ‘Producers’ and ‘Contributors’ of our national income.

We strongly believe in the fact that the Disabled population of our Country, if properly motivated and supported through the principles of “Self-help” and “Mutual-help” to participate in their own economic development / welfare programmes, could become proud contributors of our national income.

To achieve the above objective, we would do everything possible to motivate, train and assist Disabled persons to participate in production/servicing/trading activities, suited to the “disability” of each individual Disabled person and thus give them opportunities to bring out their dormant potentials and to decide about their own future through their own “Cooperatives” & “Industries” etc.

And, we would also undertake all other welfare measures possible in order to ensure “total rehabilitation” of the disabled and their families.